Every time I drive past the police station where I put Allie Shenton to work, I often wonder if she's sitting at her desk. Is she embroiled in her latest murder case, or is she catching up with her team over a bacon and cheese oatcake?

Finding myself in Bethesda Street, I took a few photos.

Allie is based in the old Hanley Police Station. It's in Bethesda Street and closed a few years ago. 

I can see it as I drive around Potteries Way and I often imagine Allie hard at work in her office on the first floor.

In the background, down the side of the building is  'Chimneys,' the station's imaginary pub next door. It used to be a restaurant and has an original bottle kiln as part of its makeup.

The crown court is opposite 'Bethesda Police Station.'  Not too far to go from the custody suite, I imagine!

And here is where I had my meeting today, the QUARTER, in our very own Piccadilly. 

Want to see where Allie Shenton ‘works?’
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