Hi, I'm Mel Sherratt - it's great to meet you. I'm a bestselling author and general book nerd, with twenty-eight novels selling over two million books worldwide. 

As Mel, I write crime fiction - dark stories with an emotional punch. As Marcie Steele, I write women's fiction - stories about everyday people with an emotional pull. 

I also write a blog that mostly covers what I get up to -  as an author, writer, reader and TV watcher.

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about Mel Sherratt

Customers served! 1000000 book sales

'Amazon bestseller and general book nerd.'

‘Just the right amount of gritty realism that sets her writing apart from the crowd.’ LJ Ross

LJ Ross

‘A writer to watch out for.’  

Mandasue Heller

Mel Sherratt takes no prisoners with her deliciously dark and twisty-turny reads.‘ 

Caroline Mitchell

‘There are a lot of young crime writers that I’ve just met. There’s one called Mel Sherratt; she’s very interesting.’ 

Ian Rankin

‘Sherratt is a unique voice in detective fiction.’  

Mail on Sunday

A terrific read!’  

Martina Cole

‘I can’t remember the last time a book unsettled me quite this much. It’s a testament to Mel’s skills that she achieved such a feat.' 

 CL Taylor

Mel Sherratt combines taut storytelling with excellent characterisation.’ 

Angela Marsons

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about Marcie Steele

'Wonderfully warm with characters every woman can relate to. A fantastic read about overcoming life’s obstacles with friendship and love.' 

Leah Mercer

Marcie Steele writes with such down-to-earth warmth that you wish you could live in her stories. The Man Across the Street is no exception, full of characters that you’d love to be friends with.' 

Tilly Tennant

'Love, secrets, intrigue, heartache. Find it all on Hope Street. An engaging tale of ordinary lives to warm your heart and restore your faith in mankind.' 

Imogen Clark

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