Hidden Secrets - now available to pre-order

Hidden Secrets Mel Sherratt

I'm a day early with my weekly diary because I wanted to let you know that my next Detective Allie Shenton book, HIDDEN SECRETS, is now available to pre-order! 

The book, number five in the series, will be released in print and paperback on May 27 and audio will follow in the autumn.  

What's it all about?

One of them lied. One of them died. One of them is next. 

Could you stay quiet about a murder?

Killed on his way home from a night out, Kit Harper had lots of secrets. At the opposite end of the city, another man is found smothered in his bed. Jack Carter had secrets too.

A photo of a young woman reveals a clue and with dual cases to run, Detective Allie Shenton and her team are pushed to their limits. As attacks on a close group of friends continue, a link to a cold case twenty years ago is unveiled. 

Can Allie figure out who is telling the truth about what happened on that fateful night? And who is lying through their teeth, to get away with murder?

Set within the gritty streets of Stoke-on-Trent, this fast-paced British detective novel is a dark murder mystery with an emotional pull. 

HERE if you’d like to find out more, and to preorder. I'm really excited about this one - I hope you are too. 

Could you stay quiet about a murder?
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