I've been going through some of my author memories and thought I'd share one each week as part of FLIP BACK FRIDAY.

In 2014, I was asked to take part in the promotion of Kindle Direct Publishing on their stand and on a few author panels at London Book Fair. Back then, I had hardly been to London, and I had to talk myself out of turning down the opportunity as I was going for three nights, and meeting people I'd never met before.

Back then, lots of people were sniffy about self-publishing. Now it's a viable career that a lot of authors choose over traditional publishing, or working as a hybrid author like me, which was being published with a publisher but also producing my own books.

The KDP team had asked me to send in a couple of headshot photos for PR, so you can imagine my surprise when I rocked up at the stand and saw the big me!

The panels were amazing, and I met, and hopefully helped, lots of authors who were ready to self-publish. Some of them I know as great friends now. It is a lovely, welcoming community to be a part of.

'For me, it's about control over my books.' I don't think I've ever said a truer word.


Each year, I do an annual business plan, scheduling in the books I want to write and publish, and setting myself deadlines so that I can ensure I'm on track throughout the months. 

I've been having a good think about what I want to do next. It's often a huge eye-opener to do a list of pros and cons against things to figure out what's best. This time I've had a surprise, and when I've worked out how to do what I want moving forwards, I will share the details with you.



It's not very often I rave about a book, but this one caught me from the first time I spotted the cover on Twitter. Knowing the editor, I tweeted to say this looked 'right up my street.' She got back to me asking if I'd like a review copy...

This book is a debut, and what a book. It was just so accomplished, twisty-turny and extremely clever. I loved the claustrophobic feel as I was reading it. A sense of community, but with a dark secret at its heart. A cold case that was finally resolved with such a dramatic conclusion.

Here is the blurb that I sent back to the publisher:

'A wonderful cast of real characters, with an emotional, yet gripping, storyline. I was totally engrossed.'

It's by far my best book of 2023 so far. AND it's only 99p on Kindle in the UK right now. 

It's always nice to give back, so if I can help this author to get seen, my work for today is done. However, you can always wait until tomorrow and read a sample before ordering. I warn you now, though, it is very addictive!

To find out more or purchase this book, click here


I have two books on offer in the UK for the month of July:

Hidden Secrets is the fifth in the Allie Shenton Series

The Life She Wants is a standalone book.

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