Most months, I have books on offer on the Kindle. Sometimes it is UK only: other times it is universal, or perhaps one other country too. 

This month, October 2020, there are three books on offer.


'Scars - they define us, inside and out, but that's what makes us individual.'

After years of living as a single parent, all Donna Adams longs for is someone to make her smile, to share hopes and dreams with, to keep her warm at night. But when that certain someone gives her the attention she craves, he turns into her worst nightmare.

Home from the army, Lewis is a changed man. Angry and consumed by grief, troubled by nightmares and flashbacks, his mind is worse now than ever. Shutting out what he’s seen isn’t easy, but he risks losing everything he’s come back to if he doesn’t, including his sanity.

If the past could be erased to make a better future, we’d all want that, wouldn’t we? But life is never that easy for residents on The Mitchell Estate…

This is the fourth book in The Estate Series. Each book contains a standalone story.


Hannah wasn't looking for love. Neither was Doug...

Hannah has been her mum’s sole carer since she was eighteen. Now alone after Martha’s sudden death, she’s coming up to her fortieth birthday and wondering what her purpose in life is. When a letter left by her mum reveals a family secret, it shocks her to the core. Hannah’s sister left over twenty years ago – could this be the reason why?

Doug is a workaholic, but a mild heart attack gives him a wake-up call. Now on the mend, he needs to de-stress his life and focus on living it, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He moves to Hope Street, number 35. Hannah lives directly opposite him. From the moment they meet, there’s a spark. 

But just as things start to look up for Hannah, she finds out that Doug has a secret too, and this one threatens to destroy everything. Will she ever get the happy ending she yearns for? Or will the path of true love stop at the cobblestones…?

If you love an uplifting story, then The Man Across The Street is the perfect feel-good read to curl up with. Ideal for fans of Hannah Ellis, Holly Martin and Emily Harvale. 

This is the first book in The Hope Street Series


Step across the cobblestones, pull back the curtains and peek behind the doors in the second instalment of The Hope Street Series. Catch up with old friends and fall in love with new ones in a story of friendship, second chances and new beginnings.

Livvy has no choice but to return to Hope Street, the childhood home she left over twenty years ago. Along with her sixteen-year-old daughter, Pip, she turns up on the doorstep, hoping for forgiveness from her sister.

Hannah thought she’d never see Livvy again. She’s overwhelmed with emotion but locks away her real feelings. How could Livvy stay away without any contact? And why has she come back now?

It isn’t long before the charm of the market town of Somerley begins to work its magic. Hannah is opening a book shop in the square, adjoining The Coffee Stop, and Livvy’s offer to help out brings the sisters closer together.

But when someone from Livvy’s past arrives unannounced too, he threatens everything she’s built up since her return. Can Livvy convince her sister, and her new friends, that her intentions to return were good ones? Or will her dreams of settling down and being happy again become nothing but a closed book?  

This is the second book in The Hope Street Series. Each book contains a standalone story.