Hello, hello! My new book, TEN DAYS, is ready to read. 

I am so excited about this one. It's something I've been wanting to write for such a long time now.

I'm told it's a very emotional, disturbing, thought-provoking read and I can't complain at that. 

Some readers have shed tears - I'm 'pleased' with that too. I love how I can get under reader's skins and make them angry, sad, responsive.

So, enough about that - what's the book all about? Why not have a read of the blurb:


Can her own dark secret set her free?

Day one. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I slowly start to recognise my surroundings: the small hole in the door and a narrow window allowing only a small chink of light. The jewellery given to me by my loving husband is gone and I am wearing someone else’s clothes. The room is exactly as the first woman described. And the second. And the third… It’s then I know, I am the fifth woman to be taken.

Just days before, I had interviewed the third victim for the local paper. Her story was the same as those before her: an ordinary woman, locked away for ten days then released with no explanation, and nothing – nothing she could think of – to link her to the others. Throughout the ordeal, her abductor stayed eerily silent.

I tell myself I’ll be safe; that I can brave the loneliness and survive just like the others. But as the days pass, I can’t help thinking of the fourth victim who is still missing.

And then I hear the voice coming through the door. ‘You said everything would be fine. But it wasn’t was it?’ It is then that I realise. If I am to make it out alive, I need to revisit a dark secret of my own that I have spent a lifetime trying to forget.

An absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller with a truly brilliant twist, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, T.M. Logan and C.L. Taylor.


So there you go. Now I'm off to work on my next book, out in November. It's all systems go at Chez Sherratt!

For more details or to purchase, here are the links:





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(here's a sound bite of the audio)

Ten Days is out now!
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