If you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling very up and down these past few weeks. I’m lucky in the sense that I worked from home before the pandemic started. But as I can work, it makes me feel helpless, like I’m not playing my part.

Of course, I am because I’m staying at home. I’m only venturing out once a week to shop. The rest of the time I spend with a lot of voices in my head, my husband and my bouncy terrier, Dexter. I think we all drive each other a bit mad at the best of times…

I’ve had several events cancelled over the past two months, and for the future two months, so far and I’m sad that I can’t get out to see my readers. It’s always a huge pleasure for me to chat to them and meet them in person. Now, as books become a non-essential commodity, readers are struggling to get printed books at the moment. (I know we love them, but it’s true – food and medicine are much more important, even though books are great for lifting the mood.)

I’ve been thinking of a way to give back and so I’m offering six of my ebooks free for the next five days. They are the first three books in The Estate Series, writing as Mel Sherratt, and the first three books in The Somerley Series, writing as Marcie Steele.

I know a lot of you may have read all of these books (thank you if so!) but I’m hoping you’ll share the books with people who you think might enjoy them too.

These six books are the lighter side of my writing. One thing they all have in common is a sense of community and I think we are in unprecedented times where communities, neighbours and friends will pull together. This is definitely what happens in The Estate Series, so be it there are some scratty characters that you will love or hate.  

I’ve based The Mitchell Estate in the fictional city of Stockleigh, but it’s anywhere you’ll find dysfunctional families. It’s anywhere the teachers try their best to educate the kids in schools. It’s anywhere you’ll find Del Boy and Rodney in a high-rise block of flats. It isn’t far from Happy Valley.  At times it’s as miserable as Eastenders. In a nutshell, The Estate Series is laugh a minute, cry a minute, crime a minute. But it’s always where you will find a friend – someone to help you up again when you’ve been knocked down to your lowest.   Click the image below or here to download for free.

As Marcie Steele, I write down-to-earth stories, about day-to-day life. I don’t write romantic comedies, nor are they contemporary romance. Each of my books has more than one main character to cheer on. I write books full of warm people, loving relationships, and charming friends – well, most of the time. I lovingly call them chick-grit. Click the image below or here to download for free.

So, there you go, please feel free to download one or two, or all of them if you like the sound of them. All I ask is one thing. As some of these books may not be downloaded by my target market, if you find you don’t like them, please don’t leave a review saying just that. As Mel, I am a gritty writer, writing about social issues and problems that affect many people day-to-day, but equally everything I write is fiction. The Estate Series are a lot grittier than The Somerley Series. Either way I do hope you can enjoy at least one of the six.

If you know anyone who might like to read these books, please feel free to share this information. The books are free until midnight on April 5.

As well, my lovely publishers, Avon HarperCollins, have kindly dropped the price of my new book, Liar Liar, down to 99p in the UK for the month of April. I think this is fantastic of them, so grab it while you can!

Stay safe out there, people.


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