I wanted to let you know that SHE DID IT has had a makeover. As well as a new cover, it now has a new title.

I wasn't going to change the title but, as with the best laid plans, sometimes they don't go to plan.

I have a terrific cover designer who has created the covers for Marcie Steele. She worked with me to design them just the way I wanted them. But she also makes pre-made covers - she designs them and puts them up on her website to sell. All she does is add your author name. 

Well, I spotted the new cover and immediately emailed her to say I wanted it. But when she added SHE DID IT to the cover, it didn't look so nice. Three words with three letters in each didn't have the same effect on the eye.

So, as THE LIES YOU TELL suits the book so well, I went for it.

I'd love to know what you think of it? 

She Did It has had a makeover