Eight weeks old and really dark!

I’m head down still with the first draft of my new book – two-thirds done, phew.

It’s often lonely working from home all day. There’s no office banter (okay, I have Twitter), there are no cakes to tempt me (but I do have a biscuit tin) and I don’t have anyone to chat to… but I do have someone to listen. Dexter.

Before we brought Dexter home, I asked for people to come up with a good name for him. I wanted something to reflect the genre that I write most in – crime thriller. These were some of the suggestions that made the list:

How I am now – hanging out in Mum’s office

Brodie (as in Jackson)
Jackson (as in Brodie)
Jackson (as in Dave)
Thorne (as in Tom Thorne)
Dexter (as in Morgan)
Harper (as in Collins – publishers)
PJ (as in Peter James)

We finally agreed on Dexter, as in Dexter Morgan, TV serial killer  – or Dex when shortened. I thought I’d share parts of the real life of Dexter with you:

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My serial killer

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