Today’s guest is Casey Kelleher, with her new book MINE, which was released this week.

Hi, Casey. Can you describe your latest novel in one sentence?

MINE is a dark, twisted thriller that will leave you guessing right until the very end. I hope.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Honest, kind and sometimes a bit (a lot) scatty.


What is your main character called? What three words would you use to describe them?

Rebecca Dawson. Struggling. Scared. Paranoid.


Can you tell us one positive and one negative trait of your main character?

One positive trait in Rebecca is her tenacity. Especially now that she is a mother to beautiful, little Ella. Rebecca keeps going, despite the chaos and confusion of everything that’s going on around her, for her daughter’s sake.

One negative trait in Rebecca is how secretive she is. She keeps everything about herself locked away from people. She doesn’t trust anyone and because of that she suffers even more. It’s hard to reach out and help someone when they keep everything about themselves hidden.


What inspired you to write crime fiction?

I guess I wanted to write the same genre that I loved to read. I have always naturally been drawn to crime fiction. Martina Cole was one of the first authors that I really championed. Her writing style really left a huge impression on me and I could never get enough of her books. Recently, I have really found myself edging towards the psychological thriller genre, and I’m a real fan of Ali Land, Amy Lloyd, Lisa Jewell and Samantha Downing. I guess that’s why I wanted to have a slight change in genre for myself too. Write what you know, or write what you enjoy.


Who is your favourite crime author? 

At the moment, I’m going to say Lisa Jewell. I absolutely devour every book she writes and I find myself getting so swept away by the storylines that I’m often left with a book hangover afterwards.


What is your favourite book of theirs?

Then She Was Gone. It was the very first one of Lisa’s that I read, and it was brilliant. 


What is your favourite crime show – film or TV?

I absolutely love Happy Valley. Completely championing Police sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire). The series is so gritty and emotional. I actually found myself shouting at the TV a few times. Fantastically written and the cast was superb. One of my all-time favourite crime shows.


Finally, tell me one weird and wonderful fact about yourself.

I was a very gullible child and my parents used to find it highly entertaining to make things up, and feed my over-active imagination. So, I actually believed that E.T was real for a number of years after I watched the film. I even got a birthday card from him (signed in dot fire-finger writing!!!! I mean, that’s proof right there!) for my 10thbirthday. It wasn’t until I had an argument on the school bus about him being real, and all the other children told me that he wasn’t, that my parents finally told me the truth. And broke my heart.

Thanks very much, Casey and good luck with MINE!

You can find out more about Casey on her website



Murder They Wrote with Casey Kelleher

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