February 18 2019

Last week, I saw the cover for Tick Tock, with my awesome quote from the Queen of crime, Martina Cole. I absolutely love it and can’t wait for it to be published on 2 May this year. What do you think?

Here’s the blurb.


In the city of Stoke, a teenage girl is murdered in the middle of the day, her lifeless body abandoned in a field behind her school.


Two days later, a young mother is abducted. She’s discovered strangled and dumped in a local park.


DS Grace Allendale and her team are brought in to investigate, but with a bold killer, no leads and nothing to connect the victims, the case seems hopeless. It’s only when a third woman is targeted that a sinister pattern emerges. A dangerous mind is behind these attacks, and Grace realises that the clock is ticking…

Can they catch the killer before another young woman dies?

What I’ve been doing

I’ve been working on project B as I’ve put aside project A.  I tried but at this stage of editing, I find working on two projects hard. So again rather than do two a day (which is doable when I am drafting one and editing one, but not editing both) I’m back to doing one project at a time.

It seems like I’m behind but actually, I’m not because I’ll finish both project goals by the end of this month anyway. I’m happy with that.

It’s all about editing at the moment as I wrap up project B soon to send to my copyeditor. I always underestimate how long edits will take.

I do several rounds as I’ve mentioned before I get a confident first draft (which is then annihilated during a structural edit) So I reckon I’m about 80% done on project A. 

And project C is working its way to me too. This is the book I’ve wanted to write for some years now, and I’m just going to write it at my leisure until it’s done. Without no deadlines, I can fit it in whenever I want to. But I really can’t wait to start it.

Genre? I’m going to say women’s fiction, although I hate that tag as men read my ‘women’s’ fiction too. But it isn’t similar to anything I’ve written before – except my voice. I’ll never be able to change that.

What I’ve been reading

Again, I haven’t read much this week. I’ve found it hard to concentrate on anyone else’s books as I’ve been reading and editing my own, I find I don’t have the head space for anything. I have started Three Things About Elsie, Joanna Cannon so let’s see how I get on with that.

No books through the post this week but I do have news of an upcoming event. I’m appearing at Woking Literary Festival on Tuesday 23rd April at 7 pm with CL Taylor, Katerina Diamond and Amanda Robson. Our panel is called bestselling women of crime and I am really looking forward to it.

Tickets and details are available here if you’re in the area

And if you’d like to see that awesome cover again, this the video reveal for TICK TOCK:


Cover reveal and A, B,C – diary of a Stoke author

One thought on “Cover reveal and A, B,C – diary of a Stoke author

  • February 19, 2019 at 07:06

    I can’t wait to get reading Tick Tock it sounds like another winner for you Mel. I love your books as you always keep me guessing….


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